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Tips to Stay Motivated, Rational, Fruitful and Leading in Turbulent Times!

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Tips to Stay Motivated, Rational, Fruitful and Leading in Turbulent Times!

Maintaining enthusiasm, productivity levels, a sense of humor, and general sanity can sometimes be a challenge for any individual!!!!!

Now, here are the tips for you to show always a blasting attitude:

  • Failure isn’t the end of the world: Remember that you are learning what works and, by the same token, what doesn’t work: whether it’s a new software package or a way of dealing with a particularly difficult client. Often we expect to be perfect at something we haven’t ever attempted before and are too hard on ourselves. Remember that each time we make a mistake, we learn something valuable. Take a risk, apply what you learned, and up your chances of success next time around.
  • Apply the 80:20 Rule: The majority of your income probably flows from around 20% of your clients. And the majority of stress, or hassle, probably comes from a vocal minority of clients – who usually don’t pay you much!
  • What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done: It’s all very well having goals and a vision, but you can’t measure them, or your progress in achieving them – they’ll always remain elusive. Set your targets and action plans and establish how you’re going to achieve that goal. Simple, but crucial for success.
  • Try Something New: Getting into a steady workout routine as part of your day-to-day life is absolutely beneficial, but to avoid boredom don’t be afraid to try something new. Mix things up and keep them fresh by branching out and trying something you’ve always wanted to.
  • Know which balls are glass and which are rubber: Another great analogy is that we’re all juggling many different balls in our lives, it’s crucial to know which will bounce (rubber) and which will shatter (glass) if we drop them. These will probably change during your life so assess regularly which ‘balls’ you need to be prioritizing.

Last but not the least : Shout Loudly “ Grow Up Once Again”

Vishal Jagetia

Vishal Jagetia

I'm a Startup Warrior, Digital Nomad, Charismatic Leader, Foodie, Motivational Speaker, Sharing Economy Lover, Sales and Technology Enthusiast.