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10 Best Internet Safety Tips for Everyone!

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10 Best Internet Safety Tips for Everyone!

We have all heard about technology, and the most happening thing of this era where people can exchange their chats, photos, documents, payments, and bookings with each other and use it like anything. During our time in this pandemic, we can all agree on how much more we have relied on technology. 

Technology has its cheerful face and negative face; the beauty is we can use it like anything for our needs, but the negative face is the most worrying part, i.e. online safety.

In this video, I tried to capture the most common safety tips everyone can handle daily and eliminate this negative face of technology. 

  1. Don’t give out personal information. 
  2. Create Complex Passwords.
  3. Check Website Reliability.
  4. Avoid Suspicious Online Links.
  5. Keep Your Computer Updated.
  6. Monitor App Permissions. 
  7. Be Cautious with Public Wifi.
  8. Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.
  9. Back-Up Your Personal Data.
  10. Never give anyone you don’t know access to your devices.


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