The Quiver: The Airbnb for Surfboard Rentals

 The Quiver: The Airbnb for Surfboard Rentals

Rent a Board Anywhere | Get Paid to Share Yours

The Quiver is the largest & most trusted rental marketplace for surfboard. The Quiver mission is to make surfing more accessible to people everywhere, from first-timers looking for that perfect beginner board to seasoned expert that’s looking to demo a unique and rare board that’s ideal for the local break.

By allowing locals to list their quiver of boards and rent them to others, make extra cash by having their quiver work for them, we’re doing our part to make the surfing community more accessible, repurposing, and letting locals share their boards, expertise, and local knowledge with others. We believe our marketplace can help connect the community and make it stronger together.

How The Quiver Works

Using The Quiver marketplace, you can easily find, request to book, and pay for surfboard rentals all around the world. You can also easily list your board quiver for rent (as a rental listing owner), allowing others to rent out your boards so you can put them to work and start making extra cash.

For Renters:

  1.  Sign-up and start searching for the perfect board. 
  2. Message the board owner directly if you have any questions and if not, go ahead and submit a rental request!
  3. Easily pay, received a rental confirmation, and then have the peace of mind that comes with renting a board through The Quiver.

For Rental Listing Owners:

  1. Sign-up and add list your board for rent here in minutes.
  2. Receive rental requests.
  3. Communicate directly with renters to discuss specifics and also accept or deny all requests at your discretion.
  4. Share your board with others, help out the community, and make extra cash while doing so!

Brain behind The Quiver

Rob Bonvetti & Joe Wilson
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