GoMore – Biggest car-sharing platform in Scandinavia

 GoMore – Biggest car-sharing platform in Scandinavia

Sharing | Renting | Leasing

GoMore mission is to help people share cars. We’re doing this with our platform that combines ridesharing, peer-to-peer rental, and private leasing

With ridesharing people share their journeys with others that are travelling in the same direction, helping cover travel costs, reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and meeting new people in the process.

With peer-to-peer car rentals, car owners can share their car when not being used, and people without cars get easier access to one nearby. Fewer people need to own cars if we share the ones we already have.

With leasing, you can get your own car and rent out it when not using it. Leasing with GoMore is easier than owning a car and renting it out can help keep the costs down.

The larger our community grows, the more we can share with each other.

Every day we’re working to get as many people as possible to share their cars. We have millions of users, but we’re just getting started.

How the three exciting fundamentals works –

Ridesharing – Get where you need to go. Meet nice people. Take better care of our planet

For passenger | For drivers

Renting – Share cars with people near you. Get more out of cars and each other.

With Keyless | Without Keyless

Leasing – The best way to have a car. Share if you want to

Private leasing | Business leasing

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