Gigexchange – Digital Platform for Gig Economy & Conventional Jobs

 Gigexchange – Digital Platform for Gig Economy & Conventional Jobs

Gigexchange is a unique digital marketplace offering all ways of working & advertising.

We have combined the gig economy, job advertisements, volunteer placements and self-promotional adverts into one quality, convenient, easy to use the marketplace.

The gig economy platforms have delivered fulfillment to buyers and sellers of work, by providing trust and financial security associated with satisfactory work completion. In creating a marketplace for all ways of working, we will do the same for jobs too.

We will provide enhanced fulfillment by presenting suitably skilled or profiled candidates as outlined by the employer or recruiter. This will act to considerably cut down on the time, effort and money associated to screening applicants of all ways of working.

Our marketplace offers convenience, ease of use, affordable pricing plus a larger pool of talent.

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