BorrowBlob: Rent Out, Cash In

 BorrowBlob: Rent Out, Cash In

BorrowBlob is an online P2P rental marketplace where users can rent any items or services with one another.

A platform where users can earn money by renting out their items and others get to save money by renting stuff they need for short while instead of buying.

Users get to monetize their under-utilized items and help save the environment by re-using rather than buying new.

How it works –

How To Give On Rent

  • Sign up as a new blobber (user)
  • Go to post AD page. Fill all the required fields as applicable.
  • Enter the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly or per-booking rent which you would be charging against the use of your product. You can opt for the security deposit/bond amount applicable for the product or You can opt for the IPF (item protection Fee, please see IP section for further information)
  • Mention your terms and conditions like minimum/maximum rental period etc. in the calendar provided.
  • Once the lender has agreed upon the conditions, rent out your stuff to the borrower.
  • When your item is returned, check if the item is in a condition as expected after a normal usage.
  • Once returned, Borrowblob verifies the completed transaction, pays off the lender and returns deposit to borrower (if opted)

How To Take On Rent

  • Go through the listings.
  • Select the product/service as per your requirement
  • Check the calendar for availability and other details provided by the Lender
  • Rent the item by giving a security deposit or enjoy it while our Blob protects the item. Contact the Lender to discuss the finer details.
  • Use the product in the approved manner.
  • Return the product to the lender.
  • Get your refundable amount back

Brains behind Borrowblob

Zaid & David
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